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Edinburgh is incredibly popular for hen parties. From country cottages and houses to chic luxury apartments, you'll find the perfect accommodation.

 Edinburgh Hen Party Houses


The Poet's Apartments

Sleeps 8 - 22


Open Plan Social Space.jpeg

Captains Apartments

Sleeps 8 - 38


Monkton House .jpg

15th Century Castle 

Sleeps 16 -21

8 miles from Edinburgh


Country Cottage

Sleeps 8

15 miles from Edinburgh


Georgian Cottage

Sleeps 12 - 14 

15 miles from Edinburgh


Georgian Farmhouse

Sleeps 14 - 16 

15 miles from Edinburgh 

Hidden Mansion Front .jpeg

Luxury Oasis

Sleeps 24



Edinburgh Mansion

Sleeps 25 - 34

12 miles from Edinburgh 


Grand Country House

Sleeps 25 - 34

12 miles from Edinburgh

Soho Loft Apartment.jpeg

New York Loft 

Sleeps 8 - 12 


Boutique Bunker .jpeg

Boutique Bunker 

Sleeps 8 



Queenie's Mansion

Sleeps 25

28 miles from Edinburgh

Book Your Hen Party Accommodation with Flock! 

Edinburgh is one of the most majestic cities on earth, and frequently ranked in the top 10 best cities Worldwide for good reason. With its medieval charm, cobbled streets and rich History, you’re never far from a beautiful sight. 

It just also happens to be one of the UK’s most popular hen party destinations, owing to its incredible nightlife, restaurants and bars. 

Exclusive Use Homes

exclusive use home in Edinburgh

We work directly with the owners of Scotland’s most stunning exclusive use homes. Going down this route is best for a memorable experience, when you just want your own space for a large group and the option to bring activities into the home as well. 


Rutland Apartments Social Spcace.jpeg

 The apartments we work with in Edinburgh cater to large groups, so you’ll all be in very close proximity to each other. One of the primary benefits of going for apartments is the location - Our apartments are right in the city centre, so you’re never far from the action. 

Contact Us

Let's get planning!  Let us know the deets and your personal party planner will get started on creating your bespoke hen party itinerary!  

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