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Top 10 Classy Hen Party Ideas For Sophisticated Groups

Updated: Aug 24, 2023

Planning a hen party is an exciting opportunity to celebrate the bride-to-be while creating unforgettable memories with your friends.

While some hen groups prefer late nights spent in clubs, others may want something more lavish and exclusive.

In this article, we’ll take a look at why a classy hen party is a great choice, as well as our top activity recommendations to celebrate in style.

Whether you want to celebrate at home or take a glamorous trip, this article has got you covered with the best classy hen weekend ideas.

Here’s Why a Classy Hen Party Is Totally Worth It

Classy hen parties offer a unique and sophisticated experience that goes beyond the traditional weekend of wild celebrations.

It gives you and your friends the opportunity to indulge in luxury activities while celebrating the bride-to-be in a memorable way.

By choosing more upmarket hen party activities, you can showcase your elegance and sophistication while embracing the finer things in life.

These activities tend to be a bit more relaxed, allowing you to spend uninterrupted quality time with your closest friends.

If your bride-to-be has more luxurious taste, a classy hen do is also the perfect way to celebrate her interests and preferences — which is the point of having a party in the first place!

Flock’s Top 10 Classy Hen Party Ideas

1) Afternoon tea 🍰

Spending the afternoon enjoying a high tea with your friends is a great way to have a hen party in style, particularly if you have a smaller hen party group.

The elegant environment of tea rooms is the ideal backdrop for a memorable get-together filled with delicious treats and bonding with your hen group.

You can also take a few hen party games along to play while having your tea to make your afternoon even more fun.

If you don’t want to go into town for tea, you can easily set it up at home if you have the space to entertain guests.

Make finger sandwiches or scones, pick up some pastries from the bakery, pop some champagne, and you’re good to go!

👀 How to Make This Activity Even More Fun…

To make your afternoon tea even more unforgettable, choose a classy and elegant theme for it.

Not only is it the perfect excuse to dress up, but a hen party theme also adds a fun twist to any hen night celebration.

Here are some of our favourite sophisticated themes:

✨ Florals

✨ Pastel colours

✨ Bridgerton/Queen Charlotte

✨ Vintage 1920s

✨ Old money style

✨ Royals—with crowns to match

2) Champagne tasting 🥂

A champagne tasting is an elegant hen party activity that offers a unique experience.

Your tasting will likely begin with an introduction to the different variations of champagne and how you can best identify them.

This is usually followed by the actual tasting, where your host will pour and talk about each champagne.

For an extra fun twist to your hen activity, consider doing a blind tasting and try applying what you’ve learnt in the introduction to your drinks.

At the end of the tasting, your hen group may have the chance to make their very own champagne cocktail to enjoy with a selection of snacks.

For groups who prefer to stay in, you may be able to arrange for the tasting to take place at your hen weekend accommodation.

This allows you to include fun hen party games to play while you enjoy some bubbly.

3) Perfume making 🎀

For a fun and memorable hen party activity, attend a perfume making workshop with your group of friends.

These workshops are usually presented by trained consultants that can help you find your signature fragrance.

You can make this activity even more special by having the bride create the perfume she’ll use on her wedding day!

During the workshop, you’ll have the opportunity to create your very own scent, customized to complement your personality.

You’ll be introduced to a range of ingredients, learn about the characteristics of perfumes, and how to make different fragrance notes work for you.

Then you’ll get to sample the ingredients and decide which ones to incorporate into your perfume. The consultant will help you blend and bottle your perfume to take home afterwards.

4) Pamper party 💅

An indulgent day pampering yourself and your friends is an excellent choice if you want to unwind while spending quality time together.

A pamper party is also the perfect way to relax if you’ve spent the previous evening partying with your friends.

Make a trip out of it and book a few treatments at your local spa or get a team of aestheticians to visit your home.

Whatever you choose, you’ll be in a peaceful environment where you and your friends can catch up or exchange stories from the night before.

Add a glass of champagne and some snacks to your pamper party for a truly indulgent experience that everyone is sure to love.

👀 How to Make This Activity Even More Fun…

If you’re hosting your pamper party at home, consider adding a photo booth or selfie station to the mix to capture those special moments.

Encourage your friends to take pictures mid-treatment or snap funny ‘before and after’ photos when everyone finishes their massages.

When the pampering is over, you can look back on the pictures with your friends and have a good laugh.

5) Private dining experience 🍝

With a private dining experience, you’ll get to enjoy an evening filled with delicious food and wine prepared by a professional chef.

You can hire someone to cook for you at home, or you can look up restaurants in your area that offer this activity on-site.

Either way, the exclusivity of the event is perfect for friends looking for a more elevated hen party activity.

Use the intimate setting to catch up with your friends and fully immerse yourselves in the celebrations as you toast to the bride-to-be.

You can also include a few hen weekend games to play around the table or throughout the course of the evening.

6) Drawing classes 🖌️

Channel your inner artist with a modern or still life drawing workshop. These workshops allow you to learn a new skill while celebrating your hen party with friends.

The relaxed environment of the workshop gives you an opportunity to unwind and be fully present in the class. You’ll also have ample time to bond with your hen group.

Most workshops supply a fully-stocked painting kit with all the materials you’ll need for the class—so all you have to do is show up!

You can also arrange for snacks and drinks to be served, especially if you host the class at your home.

To lean more into the hen party, you could request for the class to be bridal-themed or ask your friends to paint something you can hang in your home once you’re married.

7) Garden party 🌼

If you have access to an outdoor space or local park, consider hosting a garden party to kickstart your hen celebrations.

Deck the space out with stylish hen party decorations to set the mood—you can even incorporate a fun theme and get everyone to dress up.

For foods, you can either make your own snacks or order a delicious grazing board filled with fresh local delicacies. These boards can be set up according to your chosen theme.

Then all you have to do is enjoy the summer weather and soak up some sun with your hen group.

Remember to put music on, pop some champagne, and include a couple of hen weekend drinking games to really keep the fun going.

8) Glamping weekend ⛺

A glamping weekend is a perfect classy hen party idea that combines luxury accommodation with a relaxing environment where you can unwind.

Your hen group can choose to spend the weekend in upmarket tents fitted with all the modern amenities you need for a comfortable visit.

During the day, you can discover the surrounding areas, embark on hikes, or enjoy pre-planned outdoor activities—like playing fun hen party games.

If you’re glamping somewhere with natural attractions like mountains or rivers, you can look forward to exploring these sites.

Enjoy breathtaking views and spend time in nature as you celebrate the bride-to-be’s special weekend.

As the days come to an end, make a campfire and keep the fun going by playing more hen games or sharing some of your favourite moments with the bride.

👀 How to Make This Activity Even More Fun…

Finding the right hen weekend games for a camping trip can be difficult, even if you’ll be in luxurious tents. The games often have plenty of elements to pack and these can get lost quite easily.

Luckily, we’ve got you covered with the best glamping-friendly hen weekend games. Not only do these require minimal effort, but you also won’t have to pack anything extra!

✨ Never have I ever.

✨ Truth or dare.

✨ Two truths and a lie.

✨ Guess the body part—you can do this from someone’s phone.

✨ Hen weekend-themed charades.

9) Visit the theatre 🩰

A trip to the theatre is a great way to add a touch of elegance and culture to your hen party celebrations.

Book tickets for you and your friends to attend a show, musical, or ballet performance, and spend the evening appreciating the arts.

If possible, you can try to book the bride’s favourite show or even keep an eye out for wedding-themed performances!

During your visit, you can enjoy the captivating performances and storytelling that will ensure a fun night out.

Afterwards, arrange a cosy dinner for you and your hen group where you can discuss your theatre experience.

10) Watch the races 🏇

You don’t have to be a horse lover to enjoy the electrifying atmosphere of the races.

A visit to the racecourse gives you the perfect opportunity to get dressed up and spend an afternoon celebrating your hen weekend in style.

Many races also offer VIP packages that you can splurge on for a hen party experience you’ll never forget.

You and your friends may enjoy discussing racing strategy and risking a friendly wager or simply enjoy the delicious food and drinks on offer.

For an extra memorable event, you can make a game out of the race and place your bets on jockeys that resemble the groom!

Host the Classy Hen Party of Your Dreams with Flock

Planning a memorable and classy hen party can be challenging, especially if you’re not sure where to start. That’s why Flock’s team of hen party planning experts is here to help.

Whether you want to host a classy garden party or spend the weekend camping in style, we’ve got you covered.

Our mission is to help you create the bespoke hen party you’ve been dreaming of, whether you want to celebrate at home or plan a luxurious getaway.

Get in touch with Flock today and let us make your perfect classy hen party a reality.

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