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11 Hen Party Drinking Games For A Hilarious Night

When it comes to hen parties, drinking games are usually a popular activity to get the celebrations started.

These games are designed to break the ice and get everyone to relax while laughing and celebrating the bride-to-be.

With hundreds of drinking games to choose from, it can be overwhelming to pick the right ones for your festivities. Luckily, our expert party planners are here to help.

In this article, we’ve compiled a list of our most-loved drinking games that you can tailor to your hen weekend.

We’ve also included a list of everything you might need to set the games up, so all you have to do is put everything together and enjoy!

Flock’s 11 Favourite Hen Party Drinking Games

We've compiled a list of the ultimate hen party drinking games to get your hen weekend going!

1) Prosecco pong 🥂

✅ What you’ll need: Prosecco, plastic cups or glasses, a ping pong ball, and a flat surface to set up on.

✅ Perfect for: Hen groups of 4-6.

Prosecco pong is a lively and fun hen party game that adds a touch of sophistication to traditional beer pong.

It’s a great option to play in smaller groups to ensure that everyone gets a turn. Smaller teams also mean quicker rounds and more prosecco to drink!

The game involves setting up cups filled with prosecco in a triangle. Your hen group will then take turns tossing a ping pong ball across the table, aiming to land it in one of the cups.

When the ball successfully lands, the opposing team has to drink the prosecco from the cup.

The game ends when one of the teams runs out of glasses. The team with the most cups wins!

2) Russian roulette 💧

✅ What you’ll need: Shot glasses, any clear spirits, and a table or tray to set up on.

Perfect for: Hen groups of any size.

This is a simple but thrilling hen party drinking game sure to get everyone’s adrenaline pumping.

To play, one of your friends will have to fill a number of shot glasses with water and others with clear spirits — like vodka or gin.

Everyone in the hen group will have to choose a glass and take their shot. Then you’ll have to keep a straight face as you take turns to try and guess which person had the alcoholic shots.

This game is guaranteed to test everyone’s ability to handle their alcohol and will definitely provide some laughs the longer you keep playing.

3) Banned words 🚫

What you’ll need: A notepad, pen, and drinks of your choice.

✅ Perfect for: Hen groups of any size.

‘Banned words’ is an exciting game to play on its own or while you’re doing other hen activities to make them even more fun.

It involves deciding on a number of banned words that no one in the hen group is allowed to say. You could choose any words — from wedding-themed terms to everyday phrases.

Whenever a person in the hen group says one of the words, she has to take a sip of her drink or do a shot — depending on what you decide on before the game starts.

We definitely recommend choosing everyday words like phone, drink, or party. These common words are so ingrained in people’s vocabularies that your friends won’t even realise they’re saying banned words!

You can keep this game going for as long as you like. Just make sure that there is always someone keeping tabs on your hen group to ensure that all the banned words are picked up.

4) Most likely to… 👀

What You’ll Need: Cards with prompts written on them and a drink of your choice.

Perfect for: Larger or smaller hen groups.

This is a great game for hen groups where people might not know each other that well.

To play, each friend must have a drink. Then you’ll sit down in a circle and take turns to ask “most likely” questions, such as:

  • Most likely to be the drunkest at the wedding.

  • To get married next.

  • Appear on a reality show.

  • Pick someone up at the bar.

Count down from three and have everyone point to the person who they think fits the description the best. For every finger pointed at you, you’ll need to take a sip of your drink.

5) Keep a straight face 😐

What you’ll need: Cards, pens, a bowl, and drinks or shots of your choice.

Perfect for: Smaller hen groups.

Playing this game at the beginning of your hen event is a great way to break the ice and get the party started.

Get all the guests to write a sentence beginning with “I am” or “I will” — the more ridiculous, the better.

Put the cards in a bowl before having your friends take turns drawing and reading the cards out loud.

The person reading the card will have to put their poker face skills to the test because if they smile or laugh, they’ll need to drink.

6) Name three 📝

What you’ll need: Cards, pens, a timer, and drinks.

Perfect for: Small or large hen groups.

This game is based on the board game 5 Second Rule, where players need to name a handful of things before the time runs out.

Have your hen group create the game cards by each writing something on a piece of paper.

You can put anything down, from wedding destinations to types of underwear or stripper costumes.

Then your friends will take turns drawing the cards from a bowl. Once they have their card, they will need to name three things that fit the description before the timer sounds.

For example, if the card reads “wedding” the person could say “dress”, “bridesmaids”, and “food”.

If they can’t do it, they’ll have to drink. But if they succeed, they can hand their shot glass to someone else!

7) No names 🙅‍♀️

What you’ll need: Drinks of your choice.

Perfect for: Hen groups of any size.

“No names” is a simple game that doesn’t require much to set up before you can get the fun started. You can also play it while doing other activities.

To play, all you need to do is declare the “no name”-rule. This means that no one in the hen group is allowed to use names for anyone else.

Instead, you’ll have to come up with creative and funny nicknames for everyone — these are the names you must use to address each other for the duration of the game.

The goal is to remember everything while talking to each other and enjoying other hen party festivities. Every time you slip up and use someone’s real name, you must drink.

8) Never have I ever 🤫

What you’ll need: Prompts to use during the game and drinks or shots.

Perfect for: Large or small hen groups.

This is a classic drinking game that will be equally fun and hilarious when played during your hen party.

Gather your hen group and start taking turns to make statements with “Never have I ever…”

These statements could be anything from adventurous activities to embarrassing moments or naughty secrets, such as, never have I ever:

  • Gone skinny dipping.

  • Gotten a tattoo.

  • Been arrested.

  • Given someone a fake number.

If any one of your friends has done what the statements say, they have to take a drink or shot.

To make it even more fun, you can give them a chance to explain themselves to try and get out of drinking. The group will then judge if their story is good enough for a pass.

9) Drunk Jenga 🧩

What you’ll need: Painted Jenga blocks, a flat surface to set up on, and your drinks.

Perfect for: Smaller hen groups.

Enjoy the classic game of Jenga with a fun hen party twist.

This requires advanced preparation because you’ll need a Jenga set that has been painted with different drinking prompts.

When you play, you’ll pull these blocks from the tower instead of just getting the plain ones. Whatever the prompt says, you have to do.

Some fun examples of things to paint on the blocks include:

  • Speak in an American accent or take a shot.

  • Make an animal noise or down your drink.

  • Tell an embarrassing story or drink.

  • Do a shot with the bride.

You can also include icons that symbolize something specific, like a music note that indicates the person must sing a song.

Make sure that there are a number of ridiculous prompts in the mix to ensure extra fun and laughter.

10) Name the drink 🍹

What you’ll need: Paper, pens, a bowl, premade drinks, and a blindfold (optional).

Perfect for: Hen groups of all sizes.

This is an entertaining game that will have everyone second-guessing their tastebuds.

To play, have each person in your hen group draw a piece of paper with a drink written on it out of a bowl. You can include a variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks like juices or soda.

Without telling anyone, your friends will have to prepare their drinks and present them to the group for a blind tasting. You can smell and sip on the drink to try and identify it.

Set a timer for 30 seconds to give everyone a chance to think about their guesses. Then have everyone write down their answers.

For each correct guess, the person scores a point. If you guess incorrectly, you’ll have to take a shot or sip your drink.

11) Nail polish or adult film? 💅

What you’ll need: A collection of nail polish and adult film titles, with drinks of your choice.

Perfect for: Larger or smaller hen groups.

Trying to distinguish between names of adult films and nail polish is more challenging than you may think. This game will make you laugh, cringe, and second-guess your title knowledge.

You’ll need to do some research beforehand and have a collection of names ready to go when you start playing. Some fun examples include:

  • Topless and barefoot.

  • Tell me about it, stud.

  • Bachelorette bash.

  • Babewatch.

  • Limbo bimbo.

  • White chocolate.

Your hen group can each read a name off the list, and you’ll have to decide what you think. Wrong answers must drink, and those who get it right can hand their shots to the losers!

Host Your Dream Hen Weekend with Flock

Although planning hen party activities — like which drinking games you’ll play — can be a lot of pressure, it’s also an unforgettable way to celebrate any bride-to-be.

At Flock, we want you to enjoy every minute of the festivities, which is why our expert team of party planners are here to help you plan your dream hen event.

We can recommend fun hen party games, book accommodation, and design a bespoke event tailored to your needs.

Flock also works with top-rated service partners to give you the best options when planning your party.

Host your dream hen weekend by getting in touch with Flock, today.

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