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13 Best Hen Party Themes For 2023

One of the key elements that makes a hen weekend party truly memorable is choosing a fun theme that reflects the bride’s personality.

From glamorous soireés to cowboys and cops, the possibilities are endless — and with our extensive experience in the hen party industry, we can help you make the best choice.

In this article, we’ll take a look at 13 of our favourite popular hen party themes and what you’ll need to do to create an unforgettable event.

Whether you are looking for something laid-back or black-tie, we have a theme that will suit every bride-to-be.

13 of Flock’s Favourite Hen Party Themes

We've put together the list of ultimate hen party themes below, with a nice mixture of subtle, classy and unique ideas for the ultimate hen weekend.

1) Last disco 💃

A disco-themed hen party is a fun way to add a funky, 70s-inspired twist to your event. Dress up in colourful flared trousers and bell-sleeved shirts, topping it off with big feather boas to match.

You can also go for a more modern option with sequined mini-dresses and platform heels. Don’t forget that disco-themed hairstyles with big curls or sleek updos will complete your look.

When you’re all dressed up, you’ll be ready to dance the night away and break out your best moves with your closest friends.

You can also look out for disco-themed events — like rollerblading or music festivals — that you can attend for your hen weekend.

🎉 Make This Themed Party Even More Fun By…

The disco scene was all about over-the-top accessories, so you definitely need to include some in your outfit. Our favourite ideas include:

👓 Oversized sunglasses.

👓 Disco ball earrings.

👓 Multi-coloured bangles.

👓 Chunky rings.

2) Pirates 🏴‍☠️

You can never go wrong with a pirate-themed event. Not only are the outfits easy to put together, but there are also a number of hen weekend games you can tailor to complement the pirate theme.

Choose accessories like bandanas, eye patches, plastic swords, and pirate hats. You can also include a flowy corseted dress and boots for an authentic look.

For hen activities, you can go to a pirate-themed escape room or set up a treasure hunt that takes you around town.

If you live close to a harbour, consider renting a boat and spending the day out at sea celebrating your hen party—don’t forget to take some amazing photos!

🎉 Make This Themed Party Even More Fun By…

Create a few pirate-themed hen weekend games to make the party even more enjoyable. Our top picks include:

☠️ Walk the plank: Set up a wooden beam or a similar structure to balance on and have your friends take turns walking on it. Whoever falls off before getting to the end has to take a shot!

☠️ Pirate pictionary: Put a twist on the classic game by giving it a pirate-bridal twist. For example, see who can draw the best pirate-themed wedding dress or cake.

3) Rodeo cowboys 🤠

This is a great hen party theme that is also relatively easy to throw together.

Dress up in Western attire, like denim jeans, plaid shirts, and boots. Accessorise with items like leather belts, cowboy hats, and bandanas to complete the look.

You can also add a fringe element to your jackets or skirts for some extra Western flair.

Hen party activities to consider could be going to a pub with a mechanical bull and taking turns riding it or going to a square dancing event for a fun night out.

If you prefer staying in, you can create some cowboy-themed hen weekend games, such as:

🐮 Lasso the groom: Divide your hen group into teams and hand each one a lasso. Then take turns trying to get the rope around a cutout picture of the groom.

🐮 Garter/ring toss: Put a spin on the classic horseshoe toss by replacing it with garters or giant plastic rings. The first person to get all of their items around the pole wins!

4) Burlesque 👠

Embrace the elegance and allure of a burlesque-themed hen party by channelling your inner showgirl.

Dress up in glamorous and risqué outfits — think corsets, feather boas, and satin gloves — where high heels are a must for these unique hen party themes.

Encourage your friends to experiment with bold make-up like red lips and smokey eyes to pull everything together.

For hen weekend activities, you can hire a burlesque dancer for a private show or consider taking a lesson for a truly authentic experience.

If there’s a burlesque club in your area, you should definitely consider attending a performance too!

5) Cops and robbers 🚓

A cops and robbers theme is a hilarious way to split your hen group into good and bad influences — not to mention how easy it is to put an outfit together.

For the cops, a white button-down shirt, plastic badge, and handcuffs is the perfect look. For a special touch, add a policeman’s hat.

The robbers can don striped outfits to imitate the prison uniforms of old, put masks over their eyes, and add toy guns to complete their hen party fancy dress.

If you choose this theme, we highly recommend a night out on the town, giving the robbers the perfect opportunity to show their skills at being a bad influence and convincing the cops to take shots.

It will be a laugh for the entire group and you’ll have a couple of great photo opportunities, too!

6) Pyjama party 💤

Host the ultimate cosy hen weekend by choosing a pyjama party theme and having a sleepover with your closest friends.

Wear your favourite onesies or splurge on matching sleepwear sets for the do.

Then you can set up pillows, blankets, and fairy lights as you prepare for a relaxed evening in.

Enjoy hen party activities like pampering sessions with DIY face masks and manicures, fun board games, and a movie night that includes some of the bride’s favourite films.

This theme is the perfect way to kick off a weekend of celebrations or for a hen group that is looking for a laid-back way to catch up with each other.

🎉 Make This Themed Party Even More Fun By…

Include a few hen party-themed games in your pyjama party to give it that bridal twist. Here are our favourite ideas:

☁️ Never have I ever: Bridal edition.

☁️ Truth or dare.

☁️ Prossecco pong.

☁️ Who said it?

7) Doctors and nurses 🩺

Have some cheeky fun at your hen party by dressing up as sexy doctors and nurses.

Your friends can dress up in costumes with short skirts, stockings, and matching nurse caps or stethoscopes.

Turn the location of your hen party into a mock-hospital setting, with themed decorations, snacks, and drinks.

Then spend the evening “prescribing” cocktails to each other for made up ailments and provide themed party-favours like syringes filled with a shot of alcohol.

🎉 Make This Themed Party Even More Fun By…

Spice up your evening even more by adding a few medical-themed games — with a hen weekend twist, of course. Here are our top picks:

👩‍⚕️ Guess that body part: Compile pictures of the groom and his friends’ body parts — nothing too PG-rated — for this game. Then take turns guessing which person each body part belongs to.

👩‍⚕️ ‘Get your shot’ drinking game: Play with the phrases for getting vaccinated — like ‘get your shot’ — for this game. You can announce that it’s time for people to get theirs at random intervals during the party.

👩‍⚕️ Prescription truth or dare: Add a fun twist to the classic game of truth or dare with this game. When a player picks what they want to do, write them a ‘prescription’ instead of saying everything out loud.

8) Mamma Mia 🕺

Channel your inner ‘Donna and the Dynamos’ with this popular hen weekend theme.

Transport your friends to the beaches of Greece where the movie is set by choosing relevant decor and colours like blue and white.

Everyone can dress up in their best ABBA-inspired outfits, glittery pantsuits, and platform boots.

Then you can spend the evening watching the Mamma Mia movies and enjoying theme-inspired snacks and drinks.

Afterwards, you can head out for a night of dancing with your closest friends.

🎉 Make This Themed Party Even More Fun By…

Incorporating themed games into your hen event is always a great way to keep the fun going. Our favourite Mamma Mia inspired games include:

🎤 ABBA sing-off and karaoke.

🎤 ‘Dancing Queen’ dance off.

🎤 Wedding dress design competition.

🎤 ‘DOT DOT DOT!’ — a spin on never have I ever with the famous line from the movie.

9) LBDs 👗

Celebrate the timeless elegance of the little black dress with one of the most classy hen party themes on the list.

Encourage your friends to wear their favourite LBDs to showcase their individual styles for this fancy dress event.

Furnish your venue with stylish decorations and spend the evening sipping champagne with your friends. You can also serve classic cocktails and finger foods.

With everyone all dressed up, head out on the town and enjoy an evening of drinking and dancing while looking fabulous.

10) Nautical 🚢

Nautical is another one of the traditional hen party themes that is easy and fun for everyone. If you have a pool area, decorate it with anchors, ropes, and striped patterns.

Even if you don’t have a pool, you can head to any body of water close by or even rent a boat for the day!

Have your hen guests dress up in sailor-inspired outfits or nautical swimwear. You can even organize matching swimsuits for you and your bridal party for an extra fun twist.

Serve refreshing cocktails and seafood-inspired snacks while enjoying a couple of hen party games with your friends as you celebrate your big day.

11) Festival 🌸

Embrace the free-spirited party vibes of a festival with this inspired hen celebration theme.

Use colourful tapestries, fairy lights, and flower crowns to create a bohemian atmosphere.

Have your hen party guests dress the part in flowy maxi dresses, denim skirts, and fringe tops.

Or you can go in a different direction and host a rave-themed party — think glitter and sequins, face paint, and playful outfits. Decorate with lots of bright and sparkly colours and neon lights to really set the mood.

Blast whatever music suits your theme, and spend the afternoon or evening dancing to all your favourite festival songs.

🎉 Make This Themed Party Even More Fun By…

Play a few festival-inspired hen weekend games to keep the party vibe going. Our favourites include:

💃 DIY flower crown stations.

💃 Festival fashion show.

💃 Cocktail pong.

💃 Festival-themed scavenger hunt.

12) Swinging sixties ✌️

Transport your hen party back to the vibrant era of the sixties with this vintage theme.

Have your friends dress up in retro attire — like mini dresses and go-go boots — with bright colours and psychedelic patterns.

Keep the colours and patterns going in your decorations, including popular items like lava lamps and vinyl records.

Spend the night jamming to hits from iconic sixties bands like The Beatles and The Rolling Stones while showing your moves to popular dances like the Twist.

We recommend serving retro-inspired cocktails and finger foods to celebrate the culture of this era.

13) Cheerleaders 📣

Get the team spirit going with a cheerleaders hen party theme — bonus points if you or one of your friends can break out their old uniform from school!

Have your friends dress up in preppy or sporty attire, including pom-poms and high ponytails to complete the look. Decorate with megaphones and personalized “Team Bride”-banners.

Plan a range of fun cheerleader-inspired activities like attending a professional lesson, coming up with your own cheeky chants, and painting team flags.

Celebrate Your Dream Hen Weekend with Flock

Hosting themed hen parties is a great idea if you want to introduce a fun twist to your special day.

At Flock, we want you to have the best time at your hen celebration, which is why our expert party planners are here to help.

Our team can help you create the bespoke hen weekend of your dreams, with whatever theme you want to use.

We work with top-rated activity partners and accommodation providers to give you the best options when planning your hen party.

Not only that, but we can also make expert recommendations depending on the theme of your party and help you create the perfect event.

Celebrate your dream hen weekend by getting in touch with Flock, today.

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