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9 Outdoor Hen Party Ideas For A Memorable Celebration

Updated: Aug 24, 2023

If you’re looking for an unforgettable way to celebrate your hen weekend, consider spending it in the great outdoors with all of your closest friends.

Whether you’re looking for an adrenaline-filled activity or want to spend an afternoon relaxing while sipping champagne, look no further than these outdoor hen party ideas.

Let’s dive into our list of activities you can do while at home or travelling to ensure a hen weekend you’ll never forget!

🏠 At-Home Outdoor Hen Party Ideas

If you have access to an outdoor space, hosting your hen party activities at your home is an easy and great way to celebrate with your closest friends.

1) Outdoor movie night 🍿

Slumber parties don’t have to stop just because you’re an adult. Invite your hen group for a movie night beneath the stars and enjoy an evening filled with bridal-themed rom-coms.

If you have access to a garden or large outdoor area, we definitely recommend setting up a big screen and projector outside—weather permitting—to make the most of this hen activity.

You can spread blankets and pillows on the grass to keep warm and cosy while you watch the movie.

You can also create hen-weekend-themed concession stands for popcorn, snacks, and drinks to enjoy during the evening.

When your friends arrive, pop some champagne and grab a few snacks before heading outside for a night you’ll never forget.

👀 Flock’s Recommendations

If you’re looking for hen-themed concession stand ideas, here are a few of our favourites:

✅ ‘Bride and Groom’ hot chocolate station with different black and white toppings.

‘Something Blue’ cocktails.

✅ ‘Popped the Question’ popcorn stand.

✅ Cupcake station with hen weekend-appropriate decorations.

2) Scavenger hunt 🔍

A scavenger hunt is a great way to add some fun and excitement to your hen weekend.

Head into your local town and rediscover special locations or use it as an opportunity to explore new places.

You can also host the scavenger hunt at home, hiding small tokens or gifts around your space for the group to find.

The aim is simple, split into smaller teams and complete a number of wedding-themed tasks that count for points.

Have each team of your hen group take a picture of their completed task to use as proof at the end. You can even include a prize for the winning team to add to the thrill of the competition.

👀 Flock’s Recommendations

Here are a few fun activities you can include on your scavenger hunt list:

✅ Find another hen party and take a group selfie.

✅ If you’re in town, find a guy with the same name as the groom.

✅ Make a tissue paper veil.

✅ Order a drink at the place where the bride and groom had their first date.

✅ Find something blue.

✅ If you’re at a club, convince a DJ to play the couple’s song.

✅ If you’re in town, find someone to practice walking down the aisle with.

You can either make these lists yourself, using platforms like Canva or Pinterest, or buy downloadable ones from sites like Etsy.

3) Garden party 🌸

There’s no better place to celebrate your hen weekend with your friends than at your very own garden party—especially during spring or summer.

You can also choose a unique theme for your party or have everyone dress up in their fanciest clothes, high tea style.

Decorate your garden with themed items, and make sure you have lots of hen weekend games to play once your friends arrive.

You can also hire a catering service to create beautiful grazing boards tailored to your specific needs.

👀 Flock’s Recommendations

Not sure which themes to choose or hen weekend games to include? Here are a few of our favourites:


✅ Florals.

✅ Bridgerton.

✅ Royal high tea.

✅ Italian summer.

✅ Color-specific.

✅ Movie or series-specific.


✅ Prosecco pong.

✅ Guess the dress.

✅ “How well do you know the bride” quiz.

✅ Would she rather?

✅ Never have I ever.

4) Blind wine tasting 🍷

A hilarious and fun activity for a smaller hen group is a blind wine tasting. To do this, ask all of your guests to bring a bottle of wine to the party—cheap or expensive, it doesn’t matter.

Once you have the wines, wrap them up to hide the labels. Then start setting up the glasses for the tasting and pour the wine when done.

The fun really starts when you’ll have to do your best to display your wine knowledge.

During the blind tasting, take turns to guess which wines are the pricier or cheaper ones while giving a rundown of the flavours.

After you’ve made your guesses, unwrap the bottle to see how close—or far off—you were.

👀 Flock’s Recommendations

To make your wine tasting even more enjoyable, include the following:

✅ Choose a variety of wines—like red, white, and rosé—from different regions, price ranges, and flavour profiles.

✅ Print ‘Tasting Notes’ cards so that each person can jot down their ideas to present to the group.

✅ Have palate cleaners like plain crackers, bread, or lemon sorbet ready.

✅ Put snacks on the table or have a meal planned for after the activity.

5) Themed cocktail party 🍸

If you’re looking for a boozy hen activity but don’t feel like going to a club, a themed cocktail party is the perfect choice.

Have each attendee make a cocktail for the group based on your chosen theme. They’ll have to present and explain their entire process—so preparation is key.

To ensure that people don’t make the same drinks, create theme-based cards and have your hen group do a random draw before the party.

If you really want to let loose, consider incorporating this idea with some hen party drinking games.

You can make it even more fun and competitive by including a prize for the best cocktail at the end of the night—a perfect memento to remind you of all the fun.

👀 Flock’s Recommendations

Choosing the perfect theme is essential for making it a hen party activity to remember. Here are our top ideas:

✅ Cocktails based on things that make you think of the bride-to-be.

✅ Drinks based on beloved films or movie characters.

✅ Cocktails that represent your different jobs.

✅ Cocktails based on your favourite colours.

✅ Drinks to match your personality.

🚗 Outdoor Hen Party Ideas That Require Travelling in the UK

If you’re planning a destination hen weekend, these activities are perfect for rounding off an itinerary full of fun events.

6) Tugboat hot tub party in London ⚓

Enjoy a unique hen weekend activity with a tugboat hot tub party at Canary Wharf in London.

Each boat has been converted into a 7-person hot tub that you’ll steer yourself—don’t worry, no experience is required!

You can also hire a guide to navigate the boat if you just want to sit back and enjoy the ride.

Pop the champagne and enjoy some snacks with your hen group as you explore the surrounding docklands. Drinks can be purchased from the on-site bar before your trip.

You can bring your own Bluetooth speakers for playing music as you enjoy a few hen weekend games on the water.

👀 Flock’s Recommendations

Make this tugboat experience even more memorable by introducing a dress-up theme. Here are our favourite ideas:

✅ Sailors.

✅ Pirates or treasure hunters.

✅ Mermaids.

✅ Tropical paradise.

We also recommend these water-safe games to enjoy:

✅ Truth or dare.

✅ Never have I ever.

✅ Bride-themed quiz.

✅ Floating beer pong.

7) Hiking in the breathtaking Lake District or North Wales 🥾

For groups of friends who enjoy being close to nature, a trip to the countryside for a hike is a great idea for a hen weekend.

Soak up the sun and fresh air as you spend the day exploring beautiful trails and taking in the stunning views.

You can pick a trail with picnic spots along the way where you can enjoy a light lunch with your group.

Be sure to pack some hen weekend games to make your mid-hike break even more fun.

Once you return to your hen weekend accommodation, arrange a cosy dinner and drinks with your friends to end the day.

👀 Flock’s Recommendations

If you want to include hen weekend games, it’s important to choose ones that will be easy to pack and set up. Here are some of our top choices:

✅ Mr & Mrs quiz.

✅ Never have I ever.

✅ Bride-themed quiz.

✅ Guess the body part: Groom edition.

8) Body zorbing in Bath or Bristol 🏃‍♀️

Body zorbing—or bubble ball—has become a popular and fun outdoor activity in the UK that guarantees laughter and a memorable hen weekend.

Step into a giant inflatable ball and spend the next few hours bouncing, rolling, and bumping into each other while playing games like five-a-side football or tag.

You can also make sure everyone knows who the bride is by taping a veil to her bubble before you start playing.

Bubble ball is a great way for your hen group to enjoy an afternoon filled with friendly competition.

Seeing your friends tumbling around is sure to have everyone smiling, not to mention the entertaining photo opportunities you’ll have!

Whether you play outside or at an indoor arena, body zorbing will be a unique and unforgettable hen weekend activity.

👀 Flock’s Recommendations

To make your bubble ball experience even more fun, we recommend trying the following games:

Sumo wrestlers: Set up a sumo-style game where your friends will have to try and push each other out of the designated area while wearing the zorbs.

Relay race: Organize a relay race where you’ll have to navigate obstacles and run a certain distance while wearing the bubble balls.

9) Surfing lessons and beach day in Scotland 🏄‍♀️

Learn to navigate the waves with a private surf lesson for you and your friends. Perfect for smaller groups, this is a great outdoor hen party activity that is sure to get your blood pumping.

A qualified teacher will host your group and teach you all of the basics before you head into the water to show off what you’ve learned.

Most companies don’t host their lessons in the open water to ensure the safety of their learners.

Instead, your lesson will take place in a large pool or lagoon where pre-built mechanical structures create artificial waves to surf on.

You can usually hire wetsuits and surfboards on-site, so all you need to do is book and show up.

We recommend preparing a picnic to enjoy on the beach or the surrounding area once your lessons are over. You can even go for a late afternoon swim to end the day off on a high note.

Some sites also offer lagoon-side hot tubs and saunas to help you relax after a long day in the sun.

👀 Flock’s Recommendations

To make your beach day unforgettable, we recommend including the following:

✅ Hen weekend games and other outdoor activities to enjoy after your lesson.

✅ Bluetooth speakers so you can enjoy your favourite songs.

✅ Disposable camera to capture your memories on film.

On a more practical note, don’t forget to pack:

✅ Sunscreen.

✅ Hats, sunglasses, and other sun protection gear.

✅ Towels.

✅ A spare set of clothes and something warm.

Plan Your Dream Outdoor Hen Weekend with Flock

At Flock, we know how special hen parties are, and we understand that you want every moment to be perfect.

That’s why our expert party planners are here to help.

Our mission is to create a bespoke experience that makes all of your hen weekend dreams come true.

Whether you want to organize a lavish garden party or learn how to catch some waves on the coast, we can help you make it happen.

Get in touch with Flock today to start planning your perfect outdoor hen weekend.

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