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9 Best Bars for Hen Parties in Edinburgh

Updated: Jul 19, 2023

Edinburgh is one of the most appealing destinations for hen parties in the UK. This scenic city is well known for many things including food, culture and robust nightlife! There are loads of activities to do during the day and even more places to check out at night. Many bars welcome hen party groups with open arms. Here are the nine best bars for hen parties in Edinburgh.

1. Tigerlily

Located on George Street in New Town, this famous hotel-restaurant-bar combination is one of the most popular places to go in Edinburgh.

The vibe is bursting with colour and offers a refreshing feeling thanks to the countless vases and flower pots. It’s a perfect place for a hen party! Every corner of Tigerlily has something that will catch your attention. For example, one whole wall is filled with a mosaic of small mirrors, while another has a black and white mural.

Meanwhile, the chefs in their kitchen continually maintain the opulent feel of the menu by serving seasonal British dishes. Some examples include traditional Scottish recipes, an incredible selection of steak cuts from the award-winning John Davidson, and fresh seafood. Tigerlily opens as early as 8:30 AM so guests can enjoy breakfast, lunch, dinner, and everything in between.

For hen party guests, the drinks list of the bar is one you shouldn’t miss. Their mixologists combine an arsenal of fresh fruits, fine spirits, top-shelf liqueurs, and exotic spices to provide a range of hand-crafted cocktails.

You can expect both classic recipes and modern creations at their bar. Their drinks are very well-balanced and can appeal to everyone, no matter their tastes and preferences. Tigerlily is definitely one of the top Edinburgh hen party bars today!

2. Copper Blossom

A relative newcomer in the bustling George Street scene, Copper Blossom has already made a big splash ever since its debut in 2015.

Copper Blossom has an elegant interior with a bright and airy ambience that makes a huge deal out of its botanical theme. Staying true to its name, you can pretty much find blooming greenery and flowers almost everywhere you look.

Behind the bar, you have expert mixologists that blend cocktails from century-old recipes.

Copper Blossom isn't shy about using fancy machinery to create the perfect infusion, and guests can always request more flavour if they wish.

3. Black Ivy

Another venue for an amazing hen party is the Black Ivy hotel and bar. Its hotel design consists of dark graphite walls and black sable carpet starting at the reception area and continuing all the way upstairs.

For groups who enjoy a touch of alfresco, their Terrace area is the best place to relax. It overlooks the leafy Links park and is a great spot to enjoy cocktails with the girls You can also find canopies and heaters here, so you can continue having fun while relaxing in any weather.

Beer enthusiasts will have fun with the Innis and Gunn tank beer or try their selection of cocktails available. Guests can select a low sofa in front of a fireplace, a traditional table by the garden, or a curved banquette with trendy bar food available for order.

4. Panda & Sons

Instead of a bar, you will find a barbershop. It may be a façade at first, but going past the barbershop and down a stairway will lead you to a door concealed by a bookcase.

Opening the door will reveal the watering hole known as Panda & Sons. Filled with vintage luxury, this bar oozes with the charm of a parlour owned by a Victorian gentleman.

Panda & Sons is steeped with charming décor and old fashioned hospitality that gives it a vibe of a secretive and prohibited drinking den. Nifty nooks and vintage trinkets add to the establishment’s character, with dark wood surfaces and rich leather furnishings to provide a warm ambience for you and your friends.

5. Dragonfly

Located at the heart of the city’s Old Town, this award-winning cocktail bar is filled with a spectacular chandelier, sophisticated, polished wood, and a split-level balcony raised by a well-designed pillar for a romantic vibe. The venue is laced with influences from Asia, incorporating lovely decorative touches like an attention-grabbing golden lion sculpture.

Hen party goers can expect an extensive cocktail menu with many drinks to choose from.

There’s the Dfly Sangrita that offers an authentic Mexican taste. This concoction mixes Jose Cuervo Tradicional Tequila with orange juice and pomegranate with a hint of tabasco sauce.

The bar is open until 1:00 AM every day, so you can enjoy drinks into the wee hours with your nearest and dearest.

6. Cold Town House

If your group is into Prosecco, pizza, and craft beer, then you should head on over to one of the best rooftops in Edinburgh. The brewhouse at Cold Town House has live entertainment each night, with a regularly changing roster of music, cabaret, and comedy.

The establishment has an onsite brewery that provides eight distinct beer concoctions, while their authentic Neapolitan pizza is something you shouldn’t miss out on. Be sure you check out their Rooftop since it has some of the best views in the city. You can even find gondola seating as well as bar service from a vintage van.

The Cold Town House is definitely one of the Edinburgh hen party bars to check out!

7. Lady Libertine

Serving late night wine, cocktails, food, and live music in a beautifully designed atmosphere, Lady Libertine is open from 8:00 AM to 3:00 AM the next day.

It offers contemporary black and white décor with traditional wood finishes and combinations of chrome. The establishment has two bars, a brasserie, and a coffee and wine lounge.

Lady Libertine occupies two floors and is capable of seating 150 people. For those who want a private hen party, you can book their basement area, which was once the headquarters of a bank.

The menu of Lady Libertine consists of a strong North African, Persian, and Mediterranean influence. Guests can expect slow-cooked meats, citrus, exotic spices, and pulses.

8. Kitty O’ Sheas

Kitty O’ Sheas is known for its traditional Irish décor and snug alcoves and live music.

The walls of the establishment are adorned with recycled tenement shutters and lighting features that are crafted from vintage fittings obtained from shipyards.

Irish hospitality is at the core of Kitty O’Shea with 11 beers available on tap and a warming menu of comfort food classics. You can order burgers, hot dogs, and pizzas straight from their authentic pizza oven.

A cheeky Whisky bar for those interested in stronger liquor during evening parties, the bar has seven flat-screen TVs where guests can watch anything to their heart’s content. You can even book a comfy area for a semi-private viewing experience.

9. The Voodoo Rooms

Lastly, we have The Voodoo Rooms, which is a dynamic retreat located at the centre of the town. It operates a bar and a restaurant together with live music and entertainment. This haunt at West Register is known for hosting all types of private parties across its range of function rooms, making it the perfect place for hen parties.

It has an impressive dining room area, adorned with huge arched windows, ornate ceilings, and plush booth seating.

The Voodoo Rooms is also known for its broad range of tequila and rum, with 60 varieties of each available at any given time. There are even intimate tasting sessions for connoisseurs who happen to come by.

Finally, The Voodoo Rooms boasts private rooms that come with projector screens, stages, WiFi connectivity, and plenty of room to dance for the ultimate hen party experience.

Make Your Hen Party Unforgettable

When deciding on a hen party in Edinburgh, you cannot miss the nine best bars that we’ve listed above. It is best to book ahead of time with any of these Edinburgh hen party bars since they are quite popular in the area.

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