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22 Hen Party Survival Kit Ideas

Ladies unite! It’s time to get your hen party done right!

That means a survival kit because no matter your intentions, hen dos often get a little out of hand. But that’s not your fault, the whole point is to get a little wild before tying the knot.

So, without further ado, here are some fabulous hen party survival kit ideas that you should consider.

Ready to get your party on? Woohoo, let’s have some fun!

Hen Party Survival Kit Themes

Before we get into the essential items in your hen party survival kit, here are a few fantastic themes to start your hen party off right.

  • The Classic Hangover Kit: Things can get a bit crazy once the jello shots start making the rounds. Why not save everyone the morning blues and include a few hangover lifesavers? Think water, headache tablets, electrolyte packets, and a good old pair of sunnies.

  • The Glam Bag: Girls help each other out in the beauty department. Your glam bag should include all the beautifying products you can think of. You should include nail polish, face masks, hair spray, bobby pins, lip balm, and wet wipes.

  • The 911 Party Kit: Here you’ll include everything needed for a party emergency including deodorant, a sewing kit, breath mints, plasters, and tampons.

  • The Low-key Favour Bags: If it’s not a wild hen night, you can’t go wrong with a little favour bag to put everyone in the mood. You can include things like tiaras, badges, mini bottles of bubbly, and maybe a few garters if it’s sensible. But maybe not if Granny made the guestlist.

Hen Party Survival Kit Essentials

Now, let’s get to the fun part, all the essential items you need to make the hen party a night everyone might forget, but for all the right reasons!

1. Shot Glasses

These hen party go-tos are a great way to get everyone in the party mood. A+ if you get the shot glass personalized with names and the date. It’s a brilliant take-home gift!

2. Snacks

Hopefully, everyone attending has skipped the “eating is cheating” phase of life. Having snacks on hand is important to line the stomach and also comes in super handy if one bridesmaid craves a little snack mid-dance.

Also, if you’re a little too gone to find the chippy, you’ll be well impressed with the snacks in your hen party survival kit.

3. Water

Whether you’re a little hungover from the night’s festivities or get a tad parched waiting for the Uber at 3 am, a small bottle of water for each bridesmaid can be a lifesaver!

You could even go the extra mile and have little bottles made. It avoids one-use plastic and makes a great memento.

4. A mini bottle of booze

Look, we get it. You’ve had a few at the house before heading to the pub or club. Nobody wants to lose their buzz along the way. A little bottle of something should perk everyone up a bit without putting a dark cloud on the festivities.

5. A Hair Tie

If you’re getting down on the dance floor with your besties, pulling out all the greatest 90s moves you can muster, a hair tie is going to keep you from looking a hot mess.

Side note, if someone starts feeling a little green, a hair bobble is the last thing you want to be frantically digging around for. Luckily, the one in your hen party survival kit is here to save the day!

6. Glow sticks

Is it really a hen night if the whole town doesn’t know your bestie is getting hitched? Glow sticks will have you standing out from the crowd. They also come in super handy when trying to find your friends throughout the night.

7. Chewing gum

Nothing kills a party like bad breath. Keep your besties covered with a few sticks of chewing gum. We recommend mint, it’s good for refreshing the breath and helps if someone starts regretting that last tequila shot.

8. Headache tablets

A classic for any good hen party survival kit. It’s fantastic for the next-day blues. Plus, if the loud music gets a bit much, you’ve got a few on hand.

9. Plasters

Have you ever regretted your shoe decision mid-dance? Then you’ll appreciate the one friend that chose to put plasters in the hen party survival kit.

It’s also not unlikely that one of your gorgeous hens is going to take a tumble, so it’s better to be prepared.

10. Lip balm

Letting your friends go around with chapped lips is a crime against the women's code. A simple small lip balm in the hen party survival kit will keep everyone's lips looking luscious and feeling great.

Plus, having a lip balm nearby the next day should make you feel like more of a human. That dry crusty hangover feeling is just a solid no-no.

11. Dare cards

If you’re feeling a little adventurous, dare cards can take a normal night on the town and make this one of the hen parties of the century!

You’ll have your besties drinking jello shots off abs and getting the bride a memento shot glass in no time!

12. Monopoly money

Have you always dreamed of making it rain? Well, now's your chance. A little monopoly money poured over the bride is sure to bring out the best dance moves she has to offer.

Did someone mention “Pour Some Sugar On Me” by Def Leppard? Couple that with a stripper pole and you’ve got memories for life!

13. Sweets

If the party needs a little pick me up after some wild dance moves, a few sweets ought to help you catch your breath.

Sweets also come to the rescue if you get up to a few things you shouldn’t. Trust us, bouncers are a lot more forgiving with a sweet or two!

14. Emergency cash

We don’t mean giving everyone at the hen party a wad of cash. But a few quid just in case. If all the phone batteries die and you need a cab, you won’t have to stress.

15. Deodorant

There’s no doubt that the entire hen party is going to be busting out with their best moves. A little Britney and Christina rendition never hurt anyone.

Have your girls covered with a little deodorant in each hen party survival kit to keep everyone smelling good. Stinky queen? Not on our watch!

16. Wet wipes

The holy grail of the hen survival kit. Wet wipes are fantastic when you get home and just want to peel off the face you’ve had on.

Also great if things get a little messy. Nobody is trusted with a good old Maccies burger. After the 5th tequila, if half the burger ends up in your mouth, it’s a success.

17. Mini champagne

If you’re trying to keep things a little classy before the big night really takes off, start it with a bang. Give each survival kit a mini champagne to toast the bride and get the party going.

A willy straw in a mini bottle is a classic if you're feeling cheeky!

18. Emergency numbers

Not a must, but highly recommended. If the phone batteries go, you’re in trouble. Have the number for the groom or that random aunt that snuck you wine once at a barbeque written on a piece of paper.

There should always be someone that isn’t part of the party that agrees to be the emergency contact. Also have a taxi number handy, just in case.

19. Tissues

Do you know what goes well with a few sambucas? A good cry over how much you all love the bride.

It’s bound to happen at some point in the night, so be prepared with a few tissues in each survival kit. This might also help with the burger situation from earlier.

20. A safety pin

Nothing quite ruins a big night more than a serious wardrobe malfunction. This little lifesaver can take your outfit from a torn “oops” to looking somewhat normal again.

21. Coffee sachets

If you’ve all piled into one bridesmaid's house for the night, waking up to “we’re out of coffee” might just about be the worst sentence you’ve heard all night. And that’s saying a lot considering all your besties got together!

A little coffee sachet in each survival kit could be the difference between a mob riot and a few giggles over a delicious cup of Joe.

22. Face masks

Does anything feel better than taking your makeup off after a long night? We can’t think of much. Why not make it a little bit of a morning pamper session when all the girls are feeling a little worse for wear with some face masks in your hen party survival kit?


Who pays for the hen party favours?

It’s usually a group effort. The bridal party all chips in to give the bride a night she will never forget.

Where is the best place to host a hen party?

You can’t go wrong with a themed pub or club. Gay bars are a great option, everyone can let their hair down without worrying about bumping into an ex. A hotel with a good cocktail lounge is also a winner.

Who usually gets invited to the bachelorette party?

This isn’t the time to invite the bride’s granny and mother-in-law. She shouldn’t be under any pressure, except to be her best party self! It’s her turn to get a little crazy so it's best to invite all her close friends.

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