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8 Best Hen Party Houses & Lodges in Scotland [Hot Tubs Included]

Updated: Aug 31

We've put together the most stunning selection of hen party houses and lodges in Scotland, and, yes, most of them include hot tubs!

Getting married is one of the most significant and memorable milestones of our lives. Planning a wedding is incredibly exciting, but it can also be very stressful! Having a hen party can help us get away from the stress of planning a wedding to ensure that we'll look and feel more relaxed on our big day.

When planning for a hen party, there are many things to consider, but the location or venue is one of the most important. It'll be challenging to enjoy the party if we end up choosing a venue that's too cramped for our guests or too expensive for our budgets.

Fortunately, we can make sure that your upcoming hen party will be fun and memorable by picking locations around the beautiful landscape of Scotland, including some destinations close to the wonderful capital city of Edinburgh.

The following locations are our top picks for the best hen party houses and lodges in and around Scotland...

1) Dun Aluinn [Luxurious with Hot Tub!]

Since opening in October 2018, Dun Aluinn has become one of the most sought-after venues of exclusive events in Scotland, including hen parties. This party house is located on an elevated site that overlooks the town of Aberfeldy and River Tay.

dun aluinn

Besides being a suitable venue for a hen party, Dun Aluinn also offers the most unique and functional interiors known to Scotland. The house features nine elegantly furnished bedrooms, a freestanding wood cedar hot tub, and a private steam room. This accommodation also has a 20-seat dining table — perfect for sharing meals with dear friends.

Dun Aluinn hen party

Staying at Dun Aluinn also allows guests to enjoy freshly cooked breakfast by caterers and access a wide variety of local restaurants in the area. There’s also the Watermill Bookshop and a variety of vegan and gluten-free meals available to order.

For exclusive events, such as hen parties, the Dun Aluinn can cater to 18 guests.

2) Leuchie Walled Gardens

Hen parties are usually celebrated indoors, but that doesn’t always have to be the case. Choose the Leuchie Walled Gardens and celebrate outdoors with countless lawn games and other activities.

Leuchie walled gardens

The Leuchie Walled Gardens is more than 60 years old and showcases the collection of artwork and furniture owned by the Dalrymple Family for the last 300 years. Although the house has been standing for centuries, the entire property screams contemporary luxury.

This is due to its spacious living rooms offering unique views of the garden and bedrooms with modern accents and deep colour palettes. The Leuchie Walled Gardens also offers 60 acres of landscaped grounds that can be used to relax or soak in the sun.

The Leuchie Walled Gardens is already unique on its own, but the activities available outside of the accommodation will make any hen party more bespoke. Enjoy fizz & flow yoga, guided reiki sessions and pamper parties at this spacious property.

3) Drylaw House [Hot Tub!]

This incredible venue is where Ellie Goulding stayed for her hen party in Scotland!

Drylaw House is conveniently located at the heart of Edinburgh, Scotland's capital city, and offers ten bedrooms, eight bathrooms, and six social spaces. These amenities make it very easy to accommodate up to 24 guests and ensure that all of them will remain comfortable before, during, and after a hen party.

Drylaw house

Choosing Drylaw House as the venue will surely make the event one for the books as this accommodation has a hot tub, pool table, game room, and sauna. Additionally, all of the bedrooms in the Drylaw House have been thoughtfully designed to combine aesthetics with function. Its largest bedroom can accommodate four guests at a time and boasts six large windows that make the space feel brighter and airier.

The Drylaw House also has a large entrance hall, drawing room with a fireplace, and dining room for 24 guests.

Drylaw House is located in one of the busiest cities in Scotland, which makes it perfect for enjoying the many hen party activities Edinburgh has to offer. Despite its central location, staying in this accommodation will make guests feel as if they’re retreating in the countryside, surrounded by large trees, walled gardens, and acres of lawn.

4) The Old Millhouse [Hot Tub!]

Built in the 1700s, The Old Millhouse has been modernised by its owners, offering character and charm to its guests. This accommodation has a unique and contemporary interior and exterior facilities and is an excellent option for hen parties of ten individuals.

Some of the best amenities in Old Millhouse are a well-equipped kitchen with all the necessary tools every aspiring chef could possibly need and a sunroom that is perfect for enjoying a good book or basking in the sunlight. The house also has a drawing room on the first floor that comes with a fireplace and can be used as a space for watching movies.

The bedrooms can be accessed on the first, second, and third floors. One bedroom is located on the first floor, the master bedroom on the second, and two more bedrooms on the third.

Because of its well-maintained gardens, this house is also an excellent location for outdoor celebrations. Cook some barbecue and dine al fresco with friends, or relax in a hydro pool swim spa.

5) Rock House

Located in the heart of the capital city of Edinburgh, the Rock House boasts itself as a location that creates the illusion of staying in a country cottage.

Rock House

This hen party house is nestled in a secluded position at the foot of Calton Hill, a location known as the home of the unfinished National Monument and collective temporary art galleries.

The Rock House has four bedrooms and three bathrooms and can accommodate eight guests. This accommodation also offers elegantly designed living areas and open log fires, making hen parties captivating and memorable. The bedrooms are also accessible to a terrace and garden.

Aside from being able to sleep in bedrooms with style and character, holding your hen party in the Rock House will also allow you to enjoy many other activities and see other attractions. The Rock House is very accessible to George Street, a location known to house some of the world's best restaurants, shops, and bars.

6) Greenloaning Mansion [Luxury Hot Tubs!]

Hen parties will usually involve a lot of activities. More often than not, these parties will include relaxing in indoor or outdoor pools, binge-watching movies, playing games, sharing meals, and having drinks.

Greenloaning Mansion

Regardless of the number and type of activities you plan to have during your hen party, the Greenloaning Mansion will surely accommodate all of your needs. This award-winning accommodation offers different amenities and services that will make your hen party more fun.

Some of the amenities in Greenloaning Mansion are a luxury spa with hot tubs, a steam cabin located in the Master's bedroom, and a cinema room. You can also access a fully-equipped gym and kitchen when you stay in the Greenloaning Mansion.

Greenloaning hot tubs spa

The mansion can cater to 16 guests and is dog-friendly. Upon arrival, you will be able to enjoy a meet and greet service, so you'll know how everything works.

You can also enjoy a gourmet dining experience when you're in the Greenloaning Mansion as this accommodation offers a full chef and single meal services. Full chef service means that a chef will prepare all of your meals during your stay and even have them follow your dietary requirements. With single meal services, the chef will only travel to the Mansion to cook specific meals, serve them, and then leave after cleaning up.

Unlike other accommodations located in and around Scotland, the Greenloaning Mansion also offers Courtesy Chauffeur, a service that allows guests to visit nearby locations and then return to the accommodation with ease. You can also request an outside barbecue service upon arrival.

7) Eskbank Terrace Townhouse

For hen parties of ten people, Eskbank Terrace is an excellent option. Aside from being a 15-minute drive from the City of Edinburgh, this house welcomes guests with five spacious bedrooms, a well-equipped kitchen, and relaxing sitting rooms.

Eskbank terrace house

Eskbank Terrace is a Victorian house that gives off a very homey feel. The bedrooms in this accommodation are located on the first and second floors, all decorated with unique and antique pieces of furniture. Bedrooms also offer lots of storage space and have USB sockets for easy connectivity.

This accommodation has a private enclosed courtyard garden that's suitable for outdoor barbecues and dining. Everything needed for grilling is provided. Different board games are also available to guests.

Because of its location, staying in Eskbank Terrace will allow you to visit different attractions popular in the City of Edinburgh. The townhouse is accessible to many restaurants, such as the Ithaas Indian and Dalkeith Country Park restaurant.

8) WintonHill Farmhouse

Although uncommon to some, holding events in a farmhouse can actually provide many benefits. Farmhouses possess a unique character that is absent in other types of properties. Because farmhouses are situated in quiet and peaceful environments, staying in one is a great stress-reliever.

Wintonhill Farm House

Your hen party will be more memorable if you hold it in a farmhouse, like the WintonHill located in East Lothian, not too far from Edinburgh. This accommodation is ideal for hen parties because it can cater to 14 guests and offers several amenities to ensure everyone's comfort and enjoyment.

WintonHill has six bedrooms composed of family, double, and king rooms, with four modern bathrooms with baths and showers. Guests are provided with three sets of towels, robes, and slippers upon arrival, saving you and your guests time and effort from bringing any.

The Farmhouse also comes with a large kitchen equipped with a large range cooker, dishwasher, and a utility area with a dryer and washing machine. Because of its extensive gardens, the WintonHill Farmhouse is also a great spot for having outdoor barbecue parties with your guests.

Aside from all the mentioned amenities, this property stands out from the other amenities in Scotland because it offers activities solely for hen parties. With this service, you won't have any problems planning your party!

Book Your Hen Party with Flock

There is plenty of accommodation options to choose from once you decide to hold your hen party in Scotland. The number of options available will make it easier for you to find a location that suits your budget, number of guests, and planned activities.

Book your dream hen party with our planner's today.

But for your hen party to become a success, it's not enough to find the right accommodation; you should also prioritise booking it in advance. This is especially important if your hen parties are set to happen during peak seasons or weekend holidays.

The sooner you book your preferred accommodation for your hen party, the sooner we can plan out the details for the event!

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